Special Issue of the Canadian Journal of Irish Studies, Vol. 30.2, Fall 2004

Edited by Kieran Bonner, Mervyn Horgan, and Greg Nielsen
Publisher: University of Alberta
ISBN: 0703-1459

ISBN: 0703-1459

The articles in this special issue on Dublin all examine the struggle that every city faces regarding the desire to maintain a unique identity, as it has emerged in history, while continuing to develop and be open to change in the future. The conflict between the past and the future is embodied in every city. In a world where the bulldozers of consumerism and globalization appear to flatten everything in their path, it is perhaps the city and its own sense of being a place situated in time and space that holds the secret for understanding the vibrancy of contemporary culture. It is this vibrancy that the collection of articles on Dublin hopes to reveal.

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Kieran Bonner, Greg Nielson, and Mervyn Horgan: Guest Editor’s Introduction: Continuity, Contradiction and Change

Kieran Bonner: A Collaborative Essay on the Story of Dublin: The Vitality of an Old Place in New Times

Kevin Dowler: Planning the Culture of Cities: Cultural Policy in Toronto and Dublin

Susan Bennett: Performing Ireland: Tourism and the Abbey Theatre

Mervyn Horgan: Anti-Urbanism as a Way of Life: Disdain for Dublin in the Nationalist Imaginary

Kathy Allen, Mircea Madache, and Greg Nielsen: Soul City: Dublin and the Irish Abortion Question

Kieran Bonner: Rolling with the Waves: An Interview with Peter J. Finnegan

Rebecca O’Reilly: Profiles of Irish Canadians/Profils de Canadiens irlandais: Harriet Dobbs Cartwright

Theo Dorgan: Translations from Vénus Khoury-Ghata’s Anthologie personelle

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