The Culture of Cities Centre is an urban centre for the study of culture and the city. Its primary function is to engage an international public through book series, journals, research projects and conferences. Our publications, workshops and special events are devoted to new ways of representing, shaping and defining urban culture.

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Libidinal Circuits: Scenes of Urban Innovation III

Liverpool, July 8-10, 2015

Conference Program


The School of the Arts, University of Liverpool, the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology (FACT) and the Culture of Cities Centre are pleased to announce the 3rd Annual Conference of the International Association for the Study of the Culture of Cities (IASCC).

libidinal:  of or relating to the libido <libidinal impulses> adjective li·bid·i·nal \lə-ˈbi-də-nəl, -ˈbid-nəl\

1:  instinctual psychic energy that in psychoanalytic theory is derived from primitive biological urges (as for sexual pleasure or self-preservation) and that is expressed in conscious activity  2:  sexual drive

circuits:  noun, cir·cuit often attributive \ˈsər-kət\

1. a :  a usually circular line encompassing an area    b :  the space enclosed within such a line

2. a. :  a course around a periphery b :  a circuitous or indirect route

3. a :  a regular tour (as by a traveling judge or preacher) around an assigned district or territory b:  the route traveled

Libidinal Circuits is an interdisciplinary conference, forging an open dialogue between creative arts practitioners and scholars, academics and theorists.

The deadline for abstracts to be considered to be part of the conference has now passed. The Preliminary Programme has been mailed to delegates.


Conference Location

School of the Arts, University of Liverpool
City Centre Campus, 19 Abercromby Square
Liverpool, ENGLAND L69 3BX

The normal presentation format will be a 20-minute talk as part of a panel of 3-4 speakers followed by questions and discussion. Proposals for other forms of participation (performances, exhibitions/screenings) will also be considered as part of the conference exhibition and events.

The School of the Arts at The University of Liverpool consists of five departments – Architecture, Communication and Media, English, Music, and Philosophy – each of which benefit from the university’s international links, its campuses in Liverpool and London, and produce world-leading and internationally excellent research.


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The International Association for the Study of the Culture of Cities is an international and interdisciplinary forum for colleagues who share intellectual interests in developing innovative approaches to interpretive arts, methods, strategies and programs of inquiry for representing qualitative vectors of urban life. The Association organizes a structure of collegial encounters through an annual conference, workshops and special events, exhibitions, film series, and on-line presentations. As part of its commitment to fostering and developing new research, The Association sponsors two book series devoted to publishing experimental and innovative research in qualitative studies of everyday life and is committed to encouraging publishing opportunities for scholars, artists, and practitioners of the city.


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