The Venice Charter Revisited, ed. Matthew Hardy

Alan Blum
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 978-1847186881

ISBN: 978-1847186881

The Venice Charter of 1964 was a major step towards better conservation of traditional buildings and places. It has since become the founding document of ICOMOS, the organisation for professionals in conservation. However, the requirement of clause 9 that new work “must be distinct from the architectural composition and must bear a contemporary stamp,” has been misused to justify clashing new buildings in old places around the world. The results have attracted condemnation by citizens from Sydney to St. Petersburg and beyond, and have prompted UNESCO to reconsider the issue of new buildings in historic urban landscapes.

The Venice Charter Revisited: Modernism, Conservation and Tradition in the 21st Century is a timely look at how planning has gone wrong, why it needs to be fixed, and how we can heal the mistakes of the past within the spirit of the Venice Charter.

Review Quotes

“Division of the book into 64 easily assimilated essays makes this large volume useful as a textbook for courses in traditional urbanism and preservation – in the US and abroad. Professionals in the US who will benefit from this book are urban planners, developers and designers who are creating additions or infill for historic areas – especially when debates with design review commissions might arise.”

Clem Labine, Traditional Building Magazine