Toronto, Canada 2014



Affective Cities
Scenes of Urban Innovation III

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This  year’s  conference  Affective  Cities:  Scenes  of  Innovation  II  was  the  second  annual  meeting  of  The International  Association  for  the  Study  of  the  Culture  of  Cities  (IASCC).  The  conference  events  were hosted by The Culture of Cities Centre (CCC) at The Centre for Social Innovation (CSI) in New York in 2013 and at CSI Toronto—Annex in 2014. Both were produced in partnership with York University, and  the  University  of  Waterloo.  The conferences  coordinate  scholars,  artists,  entrepreneurs,  institutions, and urban research centres across the globe to engage thematic issues related to scenes of urban innovation.

The Culture of Cities Centre is celebrating its fourteenth year and is active in engaging local and international academic scholars, artists and social entrepreneurs in the interdisciplinary study of culture and the city. The  Affective  Cities  conference  included  diverse  paper


presentations,  lively panels and dynamic social activities organized around theoretic and applied practices across a range of disciplines in the social sciences, humanities and fine arts. Our breakfast plenary speakers represented four continents, speaking to a range of affect and its application for studying the city and urban culture in the context of a globalized world.

The artistic exhibition explored affect in relation to visual and documentary form and was on display during the opening Wine and Cheese reception. On the second evening delegates met for dinner in the historic Mirvish Village, a sixty year old neighbourhood currently undergoing plans for demolition and redevelopment.  A special closing round table discussion was held on the final day to engage thematic panels in dialogue and to shape future collaborations, publications and projects.



Downtown in the rain, August 2017, AAHanda.jpg