About the Claude Watson Film Arts Program at Earl Haig Secondary School

Claude Watson Film Arts is a journey into conceptual thinking and the art of brilliant cinematography. Our goal is to inspire and motivate young filmmakers to write, direct, edit and produce motion pictures. Students will learn the craft of visual storytelling and be challenged to interpret and apply mood and emotion in a creative manner through industry standard film techniques and technology.

This program is designed to serve high school students possessing special talents with specialized learning opportunities. Though a challenging arts and academic program, our students develop their creative and academic potential to the fullest. For further information about the program, please visit us at earlhaig.ca/departments/claude/site/index.php or you can contact Marco Parisella, Head of Film Arts at 416-395-3824 ext.20144. Also, check-out our Film Arts @ Earl Haig YouTube channel and see some films that our students have completed over the years.




The Claude Watson Film Arts student is one who is a creative thinker and enjoys telling a good story. Being natural leaders, their talent, passion and determination for excellence in the art of moving images leads to a firm command of scriptwriting, cinematography that evokes emotions, a mastery of technical skills and a strong, overall understanding of the craft of filmmaking. Often the student graduating from the program furthers their education in Film at a post-secondary institution with a solid foundation in filmmaking.