Syros, Greece 2016



Heritage in Transition
Scenes of Urban Innovation IV

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Heritage in Transition: Scenes of Urban Innovation was the fourth annual meeting of the International Association for the Study of the Culture of Cities (IASCC). The conference events are organized by the Culture of Cities Centre (CCC) and hosted in partnership with cooperating institutions in different cities each year with the thematic interest of understanding, developing and expanding upon the conceptual forms and praxis of innovation as they materialize as urban scenes.

Beginning in New York in 2013, our seminal conference Poeticizing the Urban Apparatus in this series set the tone for such a pursuit at the newly created Center for Social Innovation at the Starrett-Lehigh Building. Attracting participants across four continents, as well as producing a volume in the Culture of Cities Series with McGill-Queen’s Press, the 2014 Affective Cities Conference convened at the Centre for Social Innovation’s Annex Building and our home office. Still in progress, we are organizing a volume stemming from the Libidinal Circuits Conference hosted by the School of the Arts, University of Liverpool in 2015. IASCC 2016 was produced in partnership with York University, St. Jerome’s University and the University of


Waterloo in Canada, the Cultural Center, Municipality of Syros and the Greek Ombudsman.
This effort reflects a coordination of scholars, artists, entrepreneurs, institutions, and urban research centres across the globe to engage thematic issues related to scenes of urban innovation. Heritage in Transition includes diverse paper presentations, panels and social activities organized around theoretic and applied practices across a range of disciplines in the social sciences, humanities, policy and the fine arts.

As a particular context for exploring the city of Ermoupolis, we invite you to understand issues and innovative strategies for preservation through a special walking tour led by Pavlos Chatzigrigoriou. Following the panels on the first day, please join us for our opening reception and a new vantage point in which to experience the special character of the city. On the second evening we ask you to discover another aspect of Ermoupolis by joining us for the networking dinner in Ano-Syros. Finally, we invite you to attend a closing lunch and roundtable discussion on the final day of the program to dialogically engage thematic panels and shape future collaborations, publications and projects.